Monday, August 18, 2014

We are a team of bloggers working together to help keep the online shopping experience in Facebook and Instagram safe and fun in the Philippines.

We believe that through awareness, becoming a victim of SCAMs can be prevented.

We request Legit Online Sellers to contact us through our official  
Just send us the link of your Facebook or Instagram shop or if you have both, accept our follow request if it is a Private Account so we can review it right away and add your shop to the list. We will drop you a line if we need more information from you other than what's already posted in your accounts.
If your shop is the real deal, it will show and you'll get the cut. Once certified Legit, your shop
  •  will receive a shout on our IG
  •  will be provided a Legit Seller's Badge (that can be downloaded in our Facebook page, Legit Seller Album or can be requested via email)
  • will be added to the official list of Legit Sellers on this blog
Other perks:
  • Shop is now eligible for ads and promotions (if you have giveaways/sales/promo/any important announcements/status change/name change) on any of our accounts (we can post it, all for FREE)
  • Shop is now eligible to win awards based on consumer votes
We do not post contact/bank details of sellers or consumers of any sort here, not even their full names without there permission.

We also encourage consumers to let us know if they have issues with any of the Legit Sellers on the list so we can check it out. That goes with reports of alleged fraud as well, please email us your IG account, the IG account of the alleged scammer/bogus buyer/joy reserver, proof of payment, screenshots of the conversation and other forms of evidence.

Let's help each other keep online shopping SAFE and fun as it should be! =)

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